Southern Oregon Youth Programs has always had a heart to serve local youth.  We are a non-profit based in the Upper Rogue that has been committed to facilitating opportunities for positive growth and success experience to youth across the Rogue Valley for over 10 years.  We have given countless grants for classes (like ballet and taekwondo), sports fees and equipment, school and sports trips, tuition and books just to name a few.

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The youth of our Community are in need of safe, healthy opportunities that build life experience and character. Many have given up on their dreams due to a lack of resources or encouragement. Others fall prey to societal expectations of entitlement and dependency. We believe that youth are the future. They should have every opportunity to explore their interests and abilities: to learn about themselves and others by expanding their knowledge and experience. We acknowledge that the cost of these activities is often beyond the means of the young person and their family. We are here to help. The personal involvement of the participant (and their family) is required because we believe this involvement builds a vested interest in the program and a higher value for the participant. We rely on the support of the members of our community to sponsor these youth and our mission to help them.

Kids Can!

Southern Oregon Youth Programs has a redeemable can and bottle collection project called Kids Can. This project allows kids to gain positive work experience in a safe environment while saving for things that they want to do.



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